Carson International Seventh-day Adventist Church

16629 South Avalon Blvd., Carson, CA 90746

ISda Church Team

I - God is Intentional about having an individual relationship with each person

S - Jesus is our Savior and Lord

D - Jesus is Dedicated to spending an eternity with everyone

A - Accountability to our families, community and country means we have to live justly in the presence of God  

ISda means fish in Tagalog, an acknowledgement of our founding brothers and sisters who started this church. Although we are now multi-ethnic and creating a Christ-like culture, we remember the love that was poured in to the foundation of this church through Jesus Christ. 

C – Christ-like is the characteristic we would like to share with all people

H – Hope placed in the power of a risen Savior

U - Understanding God through every situation in our lives

R – Respond to this broken world through love

C – Creativity is needed as we present our message of hope to the world

H – Healing the people placed in our care

Church is a place where we learn to worship God. Not with what is left, but with what we have been inspired by God to give nothing less than our best.

T – Trust those around us to be instruments of light in the community

E – Elevate each other through prayer and inspiration

A - Action takes place when we meet the needs of others

M – Maximize the potential of our church through education, health messages and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a team and no one is greater than the team. Jesus will always be the head of our team, Coached by a God who will love people beyond measure.

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3:17

We are Christian Bible based Seventh day Adventists who bring the three angels message to the world. Jesus is coming soon, Jesus loves you!

Everyone who walks through our doors is a part of Christ's team. We choose to bring out the best in each other through love, patience, kindness, mercy, trust, loyalty, justice, peace in the blessed name of Jesus.  


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